The Course



The London Head and Neck Dissection course is a three day intensive course. It includes instructional sessions, supervised cadaver dissection (two delegates per cadaver), live surgery and expert panel discussions. A major feature is to investigate the anatomy relevant to an array of head and neck surgical procedures on cadavers which have been specifically prepared (by non formaldehyde technique) to preserve tissue planes and simulate real surgery.

Topics Covered

▌ Overview anatomy of head and neck
▌ Laryngectomy and surgical voice restoration
▌ Robotic head and neck surgery
▌ Skull base surgery
▌ Approaches to oral cavity and oropharynx
▌ Non endoscopic approaches to nasal cavity and sinus oral cavity
▌ Dissection demonstrating:

Dissection Demonstrating:

▌Parotid surgery
▌Approaches to oral cavity
▌Pectoralis major flap
▌Neck surgery
▌Submandibular gland excision
▌Live surgery link demonstration
▌Maxillectomy partial/total


Dissecting delegate (two delegates per workstation)    £930

Non-dissecting delegate    £500

Day delegate - Available for clinicians and allied health professionals    £150

Day delegate - Nurses and SLTs      £70

Places are limited. Register early to avoid disappointment!

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